Krukenberg Tumor

What is Krukenberg Tumor? Krukenberg tumor is a metastatic cancerous development spread from stomach to ovary. The development of the Krukenberg Tumor is not from general gastric cancer, but it is a specific form of cancerous growth arises from signet Read more The post Krukenberg Tumor appeared first on


Klatskin Tumor

What is Klatskin Tumor? Klatskin tumor is a type of cancerous growth develops at the junction between right and left biliary duct from where main bile duct is formed. All types of cancerous growth in the biliary duct are termed Read more The post Klatskin Tumor appeared first on


Lymphangioma Definition Lymphangioma or lymphatic malformations are non-cancerous masses of the lymphatic system that consists of fluid-filled spaces. A person s lymphatic system works as part of the immune system and is responsible for protecting the body from diseases and infections. Read more The post Lymphangioma appeared first on