Epithelioid Sarcoma

What is epithelioid sarcoma? Epithelioid sarcoma (ES) has been a rarely developed malignancy affects soft tissues present in the upper limb. In vast description of ES attaining as a subcutaneous or dermal tissue mass in distal segments of the upper Read more The post Epithelioid Sarcoma appeared first on CancerWall.com.


Clear Cell Sarcoma

What is clear cell sarcoma? Clear cell sarcoma is a rarely occurring soft tissue malignancy with a chromosomal translocation, t(12;22)(q13;q12), or a consequential EWSR1-ATF1 combination of gene. Furthermore, the cancerous growth developing in the GI tract may have a variation Read more The post Clear Cell Sarcoma appeared first on CancerWall.com.